As a Christian father of four, I know the value of protecting the lives of the unborn. Our U.S. Constitution guarantees Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. As your state representative, you will never have to question where I am on this issue!


Second Amendment

From the time I was very young, I have always recognized our God given right to keep and bear arms. When I joined the U.S. Army I swore an oath to protect our country. As a father, I have oath to protect my family. I have a deep understanding that the second amendment is about protecting our country, our homes, and our loved ones.


Jobs Creation and Government Over-Regulation

As a small business owner, I see first-hand the disastrous effects of government over reach into the lives of business owners and employees. Over taxation, Obamacare, and other liberal policies have a damaging and long lasting impact on our economy. As your representative, I will always vote against tax increases and all unfunded mandates that hurt our businesses and families. As a state, we should do everything possible to incentivize existing businesses to grow, new businesses to start, and out of state businesses to re-locate to Georgia. I am a supporter of the FairTax which taxes consumption NOT productivity.



We need to allow parents and educators at the local level to have control over our children's education. Common Core has no place in our school systems. This terrible piece of legislation hurts our children’s ability to learn. We need an education system that provides local control and encourages competition in order to foster a more effective environment for learning.




“I believe my strong Christian faith as well as my background as a family man, small business owner, experience as an Army Intelligence Officer, and leadership roles in our community provide me with the unique experiences needed to represent our community in the legislature.”



"I am committed

to serving the people of our

district by reducing the size

of government, lowering

taxes ,and promoting

religious liberty."

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